A Warning to Fellow Musicians/Bands/Producers

thumb-down-smileyI feel it is of importance to let people know about this website: music-bazaar.com (see also: music-bazaar.pro), as it was brought to my attention yesterday that they were illegally selling a couple of my LPs. Anyways I have since managed to get my LPs removed from their website. If you are an artist/producer I suggest you check to see if your work is on there, and if so write to them telling them to remove your work.

I will also add that I never authorise anybody else to sell my work, apart from Bandcamp, so if you see Pinklogik uploaded anywhere else, please don’t purchase from them.

Also, and it goes without saying really, please don’t buy from these people (music-bazaar.com), they are thieves. Please share this with others. Cheers.

Your Lonely Eyes + Remixes: Out Now!

Your Lonely EyesHere it is, folks. :-) 3 completely free tracks for your ears: Your Lonely Eyes, the original track plus a couple of excellent remixes by fantastic fellow producers: GravitySlip and Northcape.

Download/Listen Here!

Also, some news regarding the 4 track EP: It is now back in my hands, but I still have the task of mastering it. It will now be released via my Bandcamp at some point in the (hopefully) not too distant future. Furthermore, some of you will be aware that I’ve had to get a new computer recently, and have also had to upgrade my software etc. Anyways, this will basically be putting back the release of this EP somewhat, as I’ll now need some time to “get to know” the new computer and the new software. I can only apologise for the delays, but will endeavour to do my best with the production side of it. Thank you all for your patience and support and hopefully you’ll all think it was worth the wait! :-)

I obviously can’t give a release date for this EP just yet, but as always I’ll keep you all updated. In the meantime, hope you enjoy this little remix EP.


Your Lonely Eyes + Remixes

Your Lonely Eyes It’s proving to be a busy year for me thus far. Syn-Metry has been well received, and I’m very grateful to anyone who’s shown support for that. Anyways, I know Your Lonely Eyes first made an appearance on Section 27‘s wonderful V4.0 Compilation back in February of this year, and I did say at the time that I wasn’t going to release it anywhere else; but I’ve decided I shall be releasing this track as part of a three track remix EP fairly soon.


This EP will include the original version, plus remixes by Northcape and GravitySlip. The whole EP will be a free download/give away. At present I’m not quite sure when I’ll be releasing this remix EP just yet, but I will keep you all updated.

In the meantime I’m still in the process of sorting out the masters for the 4 track, vocal/song based EP. Rest assured I have not forgotten about it, it’s just taking its time. Hopefully, once I’ve got some masters that I’m happy with I can then announce a release date for that, but again, this is all up to the record label.

More news hopefully soon. :-)

Syn-Metry – Out Now!

Syn-MetrySo here it is, folks. My weird, strange, ambient experimental, 14 track LP, Syn-Metry is now available to download via Bandcamp. A lot of these tracks just sort of happened really, they were the result of my messing around with stretching small pieces of music that I’d been working on, and various other sound experiments. Most of these tracks are not more than 3 minutes long, only 2 are around the 4 minute mark, so it’s a short LP really. Relaxing in places, unsettling in others. I hope people will enjoy this slightly different direction from me.

Again, you can get it from Bandcamp.

Thank you for listening!


New EP In The Pipeline

Facebook_New EPThose of you that have been following my updates over on Twitter and Facebook will be aware that I’ve been working on finalising a 4 track EP over the last few weeks. Anyways, it’s currently at the mastering stage and I’ll hopefully be able to upload some teasers when I get the mastered tracks back – soon. I’ll keep you all updated on that. The above picture is an artwork teaser for the EP, which features a picture of me. I was reluctant at first to use this picture, but over time I really felt it worked with these 4 tracks. They are more vocal based than previous pieces of mine, and therefore more intimate – I think.  Rest assured there’ll be more news on this EP as and when I have it.

Another final bit of news for you, before I sign off: I am planning to do a remix for my musical chums EmT. Please do check out their Facebook page. Oh, and they also have a website too –> GO HERE, where you’ll find a media section. Their music is definitely well worth waving past your ears!