Update (Finally!)

a3601171273_10Hello folks,

Apologies for the lack of updates on here of late, I have been having some health issues which have been challenging on my attention span (to say the least), so I’ve found myself a bit lagging behind with all things social media. Furthermore, I apologise to those of you whose emails or facebook messages I’ve not yet replied to, I will get round to it eventually. Just so you know I’m not ignoring you.

Anyways, if you look to the picture above you will see my good friend, Teslacoil321 (AKA Microvolt) has recently released a new LP called Skyhook. It’s a wonderful 13 track collection, well worth getting a copy. I am a guest vocalist on 2 of the tracks. Click here or the picture to go to the bandcamp page. (I will at some stage add this to the discography section).

Also something to catch you up on is my remix for EmT. Their new single Let Me Go was released on February 23rd, and was also remixed by Jimm Kjelgaard and Kellertecknik. It’s available to purchase from all major download sites (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc). You can listen to all the remixes via their Bandcamp site.

Finally, I am very slowly working on new material, and I do plan to release a Cadence II (that may or may not be the name of the next EP),  but I’m not rushing anything at the current time.

Thank you, as always, for your ears, eyes and support and enthusiasm.

Cheers muchly. x


Hello there,

Recently I have been sent quite a few requests to do remixes, and I do think it’s nice that people would think to ask me. However, lately I have been wanting to get back into working on my own Pinklogik material, without any distractions *at all*, so it is for this reason that I am announcing a remix hiatus. This does not mean I will never be doing any remixes again, it just means I need some space to, perhaps be selfish (if you like) and completely concentrate on Pinklogik; as that is where I find I am most happy.

At the present time I do have a remix to finish for EmT, and I am honouring that promise, but after that it’s a complete stop to remixing for a while.

To all those people who have asked me recently, I’d like to thank you for thinking of me, and thank you very much for understanding my reasons for saying no at this moment in time.

All my best wishes,


Changes to the Website

As part of my “Decluttering Rampage 2015″ (yes, that’s what I’ve called it), I have been having a little scale down on this website over the last few days. I’m trying to keep it easy for me to keep updated, since I’m sometimes a bit pushed for time these days. So, I’ve kept in the really important stuff (Latest News section, Merchandise, and the Contact form). I’ve also moved all the social media links to the right hand side, at least for now.

In the top menu you’ll also see that I’ve added a Discography page, I may add more to this at different stages. Possibly any remix credits etc. More possible additions may happen at a later date.

New Look for 2015

I’ve been avoiding social media the last few days, I suppose I’ve been feeling a bit “January-ed out” lately (is that even a term? If it isn’t, it should be). Anyways, to perk myself up I felt it appropriate to give my website a brand new look. Hope you like it. A change is as a good as a rest, however I am still taking a break from social media (Twitter & Facebook) for the time being.

In the meantime, I do have some music news for you; I am currently working on another EmT remix. I hope to have that finished fairly soonish. I will keep you posted about that.



Cadence – Out Now!

CadenceWell, here it is folks. :-) Cadence has finally arrived. 4 tracks/songs, mastered by Lord Hagos. I’ll stop talking now and let these songs speak for themselves I suppose! Hope you all enjoy, and thanks to everyone for the support.

You can download it from HERE, or by clicking the picture.