10 – OUT NOW!

10_FB_banner2So as of today I have officially been doing this PL malarky for a decade. A whole decade. Which may not seem like a long time to some, but when I started this back in 2006, I had no idea I’d still be doing it at this point in time. Anyways, I felt I should mark the occasion; so here it is, the 10 LP: Ten tracks for ten years of Pinklogik. Nine old tracks (carefully selected by me) and a fresh new song called Binary. Many thanks to everyone for their support over the years, I won’t name names (as I’ll invariably end up missing someone out), but you all know who you are: friends old and new!

Maybe there’ll be another ten years? Who knows what the future holds…

To listen and download click the banner above. I hope you all enjoy this collection.

Best wishes,

Jules. xx:-)


Hello again everyone,

Just a quick update on all the recent happenings (read on below):

Currently very busy in collaboration mode. The links below are for a synthpop project I’m working on with two musical friends, Simon Hayward & Dave Skinner. Our project is called Syntheads.

Syntheads on Twitter
Synthheads on Facebook

I am also back working again with Lord Hagos on some tunes, (project as of yet, unnamed). More on that as it develops over time.

The 10 LP is still scheduled for release in late May of this year (celebrating 10 years of Pinklogik), so more on that real soon. Also planning a release of a cover version of a Joy Division song I did recently. It’ll probably horrify a few folks, but you can never please everyone, can you?! I had fun working on it, but I’m always nervous about cover versions… Anyways, I plan to release that as a free download EP, together with two remixes by two other friends. No determined release date for that yet, may not be until later on in the year perhaps.

So yeah. All in all extremely busy. Happy, but busy.


Music For Testcards & Collages – Out Now!

FacebookBanner_MFTAC_OutNowHere it is folks, 6 instrumental tracks that were long overdue finishing; now available for your ears. Please enjoy, and please share this link or the bandcamp link with others. Thank you so much, especially to those of you that like it enough to purchase it, your support for indie musicians like myself is deeply appreciated. Happy New Year (again).:-)