Syntheads News: Debut EP Released Today!

a0935862528_10So it was decided to drop this (as cool people would say 😅) as soon as it was ready, no release dates etc etc… It appears that Simon uploaded it last night whilst I was sleeping! 👍

So here it is, the Fractured EP from Syntheads. Also includes the stems for Static, so you can remix it if you want to.

We hope you enjoy this EP. As always click the pic or here to listen/purchase.


I’m told that will be properly launched soon and I will put up a link here when it is so. In the meantime thanks for your support. x

Joy Division Cover



I know I said I was going to let Pinklogik have some Zzzz’s for a bit, but I have decided to briefly wake her up to release this Joy Division cover I’d been working on earlier this year. It is a cover of The Only Mistake, which is from their Still LP. It’s all just for fun and is completely free to download.



Also included with this release is a poptastic Syntheads Remix, created by Simon Hayward, many thanks to him.

Click here, or on the picture above, to download/listen.

A Pinklogik Hiatus

PLZzzHello all,

I have been giving much thought to what I’m upto musically at the present time. Because of this I have decided that as I’m currently concentrating much of my energy into Syntheads (and another collaborative project (as yet unnamed) with Lord Hagos), I am going to let Pinklogik have a rest for a bit. Please note this isn’t goodbye, it’s just a hiatus.

I am not a fan of taking on too many projects these days, so this frees me up to pour myself into something I’m currently passionate about.

So if you want to keep up to date with what I’m upto musically head on over to the Syntheads facebook page and give us a “like”. You can also follow Syntheads on Twitter.

Syntheads Facebook

Syntheads Twitter

Thank you for all your support, Pinklogik loves you!