Music For Testcards & Collages – Out Now!

FacebookBanner_MFTAC_OutNowHere it is folks, 6 instrumental tracks that were long overdue finishing; now available for your ears. Please enjoy, and please share this link or the bandcamp link with others. Thank you so much, especially to those of you that like it enough to purchase it, your support for indie musicians like myself is deeply appreciated. Happy New Year (again). :-)

Happy New Year!

2015 has been a rather odd year for me, quite a rollercoaster. This year has taught me an important lesson or two, mostly where my tolerance threshold is as regards to stress and anxiety, and that stress really does cause crazy things to happen to your body! However, without dwelling and going into details, there have been some wonderful things that have happened this year too. With hindsight it’s all good stuff. So I’d now like to look forward to the future with a hopefully much wiser outlook.

Anyways, I’d like to say a mighty big thanks to everyone for their support this year, especially the following (for the radio airplay!): Paul Randall & Dean Clarke (Bluetown Electronica –, Derek Anthony Williams (D.E.F Radio), Johnny Normal (Radio Warwickshire), Rob Harvey (Phoenix98 FM). Also a very special thanks to all my friends and listeners out there, old and new.

Musically, 2015 was a rather quiet year for Pinklogik, but I’ve got two main releases lined up for 2016. Firstly there’s the Music For Testcards & Collages EP, which’ll be out in a matter of days (Jan 4th), and then around late May I’ll be releasing an LP celebrating 10 years of Pinklogik. The LP will be aptly named “10” and will have 9 old tracks and 1 new track.

One final thing: Towards the latter part of this year I started collaborating with a couple of friends on a new synthpop based project. I can’t really tell you too much at this stage, but I can say it’s all fun and exciting stuff, and I’m very much enjoying working on these songs (yes, more songs!). I’ll keep you all posted on that as and when is appropriate.

So, here’s to 2016, I hope it’s a fantastic year for you all.

Much love,
Jules xXx

Music For Testcards & Collages Release Date


Music For Testcards & Collages, a 6 track instrumental EP, will now be released on January 4th 2016. So mark that in your diaries. :-)

Track listing (just to wet your appetite):

  1. They Weren’t Normal
  2. Bobbin Winders
  3. Vague Feeling
  4. Amitryptaline
  5. Subcortical
  6. They Weren’t Normal (Off Colour Mix)



Surprise EP Release For January 2016


The 10 year celebration LP is still scheduled for a May release, but in the meantime I finally pulled my finger out and actually finished a bunch of instrumental tracks. I’d had them knocking around on my drive for ages.

Anyways, rather than waiting until after May, I thought I’d put them out early next year. They all have a very similar vibe to them so I decided to put them all together on an EP. The EP will be called Music For Testcards & Collages.

More news (plus a release date) very SOON!

10 Years of Pinklogik

Pinklogik turns 10 in May next year (yep, time flies). So, I plan to release an LP of 10 tracks, (9 previously released tracks, in chronological order, and one new one).

I thought I should do something to mark the occasion. I guess it would also be a good catch up for those people who have only just been introduced to me recently.

Anyways, I am currently considering the 9 other tracks (which I’ve almost decided upon to be honest), and working on a couple of new songs, one of which I’ll choose to go on the end of this LP.

That’s all for now. :-) x

Summertime Update

a2606745884_10Hello again, sorry for the quietness, I’ve been a bit up and down and all over the place these last few weeks/months. Anyways, those of you that have been keeping up to date with my goings on with social media (Twitter and Facebook) will be well aware that yet another one of my collaborations* with another friend of mine was released last month (24th May to be precise). If you click on the pic to the left it’ll take you straight to Flip Martian‘s bandcamp page, where you can listen and download from there. It’s a wonderful collection (if I do say so myself) and includes the original track Strange Delusions, plus 4 other fabulous remixes, and even the radio edit. Go grab yourself a copy!

In other news: I have updated the Discography section of the site. So all my vocal collabs are now up to date, and I’ve also added links to some of my officially released remixes too.

* I am not planning any further collaborations at this point in time. I am only very keen to just work on my own material, albeit at a slow and leisurely pace at the moment. So no more requests at this stage please. Thanks for your understanding. (This also applies to remixing also).

Update (Finally!)

a3601171273_10Hello folks,

Apologies for the lack of updates on here of late, I have been having some health issues which have been challenging on my attention span (to say the least), so I’ve found myself a bit lagging behind with all things social media. Furthermore, I apologise to those of you whose emails or facebook messages I’ve not yet replied to, I will get round to it eventually. Just so you know I’m not ignoring you.

Anyways, if you look to the picture above you will see my good friend, Teslacoil321 (AKA Microvolt) has recently released a new LP called Skyhook. It’s a wonderful 13 track collection, well worth getting a copy. I am a guest vocalist on 2 of the tracks. Click here or the picture to go to the bandcamp page. (I will at some stage add this to the discography section).

Also something to catch you up on is my remix for EmT. Their new single Let Me Go was released on February 23rd, and was also remixed by Jimm Kjelgaard and Kellertecknik. It’s available to purchase from all major download sites (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc). You can listen to all the remixes via their Bandcamp site.

Finally, I am very slowly working on new material, and I do plan to release a Cadence II (that may or may not be the name of the next EP),  but I’m not rushing anything at the current time.

Thank you, as always, for your ears, eyes and support and enthusiasm.

Cheers muchly. x