“10” Coming soon…



Just a quick update: the release date for 10 will be May 26th 2016 (as you can see from the banner above).

You may have already seen this info via social media (Twitter & Facebook). Sorry for the lack of updates on here lately, I kept forgetting to update this website.

Download and info links etc etc to follow on release date.



Hello again everyone,

Just a quick update on all the recent happenings (read on below):

Currently very busy in collaboration mode. The links below are for a synthpop project I’m working on with two musical friends, Simon Hayward & Dave Skinner. Our project is called Syntheads.

Syntheads on Twitter
Synthheads on Facebook

I am also back working again with Lord Hagos on some tunes, (project as of yet, unnamed). More on that as it develops over time.

The 10 LP is still scheduled for release in late May of this year (celebrating 10 years of Pinklogik), so more on that real soon. Also planning a release of a cover version of a Joy Division song I did recently. It’ll probably horrify a few folks, but you can never please everyone, can you?! I had fun working on it, but I’m always nervous about cover versions… Anyways, I plan to release that as a free download EP, together with two remixes by two other friends. No determined release date for that yet, may not be until later on in the year perhaps.

So yeah. All in all extremely busy. Happy, but busy.


Music For Testcards & Collages – Out Now!

FacebookBanner_MFTAC_OutNowHere it is folks, 6 instrumental tracks that were long overdue finishing; now available for your ears. Please enjoy, and please share this link or the bandcamp link with others. Thank you so much, especially to those of you that like it enough to purchase it, your support for indie musicians like myself is deeply appreciated. Happy New Year (again).:-)

Happy New Year!

2015 has been a rather odd year for me, quite a rollercoaster. This year has taught me an important lesson or two, mostly where my tolerance threshold is as regards to stress and anxiety, and that stress really does cause crazy things to happen to your body! However, without dwelling and going into details, there have been some wonderful things that have happened this year too. With hindsight it’s all good stuff. So I’d now like to look forward to the future with a hopefully much wiser outlook.

Anyways, I’d like to say a mighty big thanks to everyone for their support this year, especially the following (for the radio airplay!): Paul Randall & Dean Clarke (Bluetown Electronica – Sheppey.fm), Derek Anthony Williams (D.E.F Radio), Johnny Normal (Radio Warwickshire), Rob Harvey (Phoenix98 FM). Also a very special thanks to all my friends and listeners out there, old and new.

Musically, 2015 was a rather quiet year for Pinklogik, but I’ve got two main releases lined up for 2016. Firstly there’s the Music For Testcards & Collages EP, which’ll be out in a matter of days (Jan 4th), and then around late May I’ll be releasing an LP celebrating 10 years of Pinklogik. The LP will be aptly named “10” and will have 9 old tracks and 1 new track.

One final thing: Towards the latter part of this year I started collaborating with a couple of friends on a new synthpop based project. I can’t really tell you too much at this stage, but I can say it’s all fun and exciting stuff, and I’m very much enjoying working on these songs (yes, more songs!). I’ll keep you all posted on that as and when is appropriate.

So, here’s to 2016, I hope it’s a fantastic year for you all.

Much love,
Jules xXx